Funds Raised

Kolkata, West Bengal, is home to the second highest population of slum-dwelling households in India at nearly 30%. Ektara has been working diligently for over 5 years to uplift the lives of the deprived members of society. Our efforts have made a positive difference in the slums of Topsia and Tiljala. (To know more about our work till date, visihttp://www.ektara.co.in)

We operate in an area which until a few years ago was the heart of the tannery industry. Most of the tannery workers were migrant workers who settled in Kolkata for a better future. Ever since the government decided to shift these out of city limits, a large number of people who were engaged, were rendered unemployed, resulting in extreme poverty. It is with these families that our community centre first began to counter problems that come with poverty, unemployment and most importantly lack of education. 95% of the children and women who are part of Ektara are from the minority community.

Our activities range from Education, Health, Hygiene, Nutrition, and Community Engagement (including vocational training, Chakke pe Kaksha – Mobile School and adult literacy course) for the children and women of the above mentioned slums.

We focus on the holistic development of a child, which means we do not restrict our curriculum to just academics. At Ektara, it is also our aim to create employment opportunities for as many women and girls from the community as possible. We provide employment to mothers of the children who study with us, and the younger and partially educated girls from the community are given training for further employment.

Help us give wheels to their dreams and wings to their minds.

Donors are welcome to come visit our centre and spend a day with us.

Upon request, quarterly reports of the project can be shared with donors.